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Published on 12 May 2011

Demon Says: Red Card to Game for Old Hat
By Andries Botha
24 Mar 2010

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The theme of taking viewers on a trip down memory lane with a branded product is anything but original. Volkswagen started it decades ago and now and then the theme rears its ugly head again.

Game"s television ad is the latest on the bandwagon, but oh so lame, uninspiring and bland. Nondescript. Could the creative agency not have come up with a fresh, vibrant idea instead of following the deeply beaten track?

And the latest Spur Ad of a judge declaring a hamburger free is incomprehensible. The background scenery of the ad - a courthouse - hardly creates the right surroundings for food. The message is also drowned by the wig wearing spokesperson addressing what only turned out to be a mere soulless hamburger. Surrealism (bringing things together which were not previously thought of) is a fine art. This ad doesn't begin to make the grade at all.

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