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Published on 12 May 2011

Is Pres Zuma the Only Legal Polygamist?
By Andries Botha
07 Apr 2010

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A duel with Julius Malema last year has not deterred Nanado's from flighting a provocative advertising campaign that could be seen as referring to President Jacob Zuma by advertising a meal for South Africans with several wives.

The advertisement has a white polygamous character whose spouses come from different ethnic backgrounds.

The advert sees the white man endorsing the so called Mzansi "meal for men" who have four or "eight wives" and promises to "give only i-best to ama-visitors".

The commercial was first flighted on television a few weeks ago and now the ANC intends to "analyse" the advert. They certainly won't have to retain the services of external experts on this subject.

Nando brand manager Thulani Mahlangu said the new advert was not directed at Zuma's polygamous marriage.

"The advert is just a play on stereotypes and misconceptions that some people and tourists, who will visit the country for the 2010 World Cup, have about African people and South Africans in particular," he said.

Nando's confirmed one person had lodged a complaint against the advert.

The complainant, whose name is unknown, said the advert was "extremely distasteful and offensive", and made a mockery of marriage in South Africa. Nando's said it would relay the complaint to the relevant authority.

The advert comes shortly after Zuma came under fire for fathering a child out of wedlock and was mocked by sections of the British press for having a number of wives.

Spokeswoman for the Advertising Standards Authority of SA, Jabulile Nhlapho, said no complaints had been lodged.

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