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Published on 12 May 2011

FIFA Barometer 4 - Transgressor zapped with SAPS Fist
22 Jun 2010

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How much longer will the school bully be allowed to terrorise all and sundry on the school playing fields?

The answer is simple: as long as he is allowed to. The only way his reign will be ended is when somebody stands up to him. When he meets his match.

Unfortunately, the bully on the South African playgrounds, FIFA, has the backing of the law and the law enforcers, the SA Police Services, to continue its unbridled acts of tyranny.

You don't have to take my word for it. Go and ask Chris van Heerden, a restaurateur in the "Friendly City"�, otherwise known as PE. He committed the major offence of having a soccer ball painted on the window of his restaurant to capture the spirit of "Feel it. It is here"�.

What he felt, however, was the long arm of the law. Last week FIFA officials accompanied by metro police and SAPS staff stopped with flashing lights in front of his restaurant. They ordered him to remove the smaller flags of other participating countries that he had stuck onto the huge SA flag with the words "2010"� on it as it desecrated the SA flag.

That is not the end of the FIFA reign of terror. Subsequently they hit on him again - this time about a soccer ball with the words "2010"� on his window that had been there for about ten months. FIFA is threatening to fine him up to R15 000 per day for the flag or have him sentenced to 12 months" imprisonment should the soccer ball remain on his window.

The notice Van Heerden received from the local 2010 coordinator states that should he be found guilty he could immediately be fined R10 000 or sentenced to six months" imprisonment or both.

Should he doggedly persist in his sins and refuse to remove the ball, a further fine of R15 000 or 12 months" imprisonment will be his punishment.

Van Heerden pleads innocence on the grounds of profound ignorance. Nobody from the local 2010 committee had ever informed him of the FIFA restrictions.

Is the bully ever going to meet his match? Or is the backing by his mates - the SA Government - so powerful that he will reign unabated until the end of the World Cup 2010? Don't hold your breath.

South Africans can be justifiably proud of the way our country hosted the world, but the SA Government should hang its head in shame for having sold out to the school-ground bully.

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