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Advertising Rights Digest - Arm yourself with knowledge

Published on 12 May 2011

Arm Yourself With Legal Knowledge About Advertising
10 May 2011

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Too often have I seen the lack of basic legal knowledge in the advertising field sabotaging lucrative contracts or strangling innovation or even worse made people loose their jobs. Basic legal knowledge is an essential make-up not only of advertising executives but also of all advertising people.

There are 4 main categories that one can delaminate advertising legal issues into.

1. Statutory
All the pieces of legislation that parliament made applicable to the advertising industry. The new Consumer Protection Act is one example.

2. Regulatory
Regulations issues by ministers or any self-regulation like the ASA.

3. Contractually
The myriad of contracts that is doing the round in advertising circles and its advantages and threats

4. Liabilities
In the commercial world, there are actions and counteractions. Liability is the biggest threat that any person will face on behalf of his company or personally.

In this publication, we will try to cover these aspects and to collate a database to be to the benefit of all and become a wikipedia for legal advertising issues.

Please submit any information you have or any issue you want to be researched for general public purposes to editor@wonsa.com or ask you questions in the comment part below.

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