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2013 Pinot Noir Vintage is the best

Published on 28 August 2014

Is the 2013 Pinot Noir Harvest the best so far?
28 Aug 2014

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Early reports about the 2013 Pinot Noir Harvest indicate that it is going to be a very good vintage year for the grape. South Africa is expecting a record crop of wines in general and it seems that pinot noir will be a major beneficiary. What more to you want? An excellent year with lots of good wines.

The variables between vintages for the hart sore grape are an international lament of pinot noir winemakers. Even in South Africa, an average wine out tastes a good name from a bad year.
The reports so far seem extremely promising.
Peter Finlayson of Bouchard Finlayson sums the harvest up. "Well, 2012 is one of those extraordinary harvests where the crop has been substantial while the quality is correspondingly, enviously good in its early reflections! In my experience this is quite unusual!"�
Andrew Gunn form Iona gives his view.

"�Harvest was late this year - that is - even later than usual. Pinot Noir was harvested on the 11th of March and Sauvignon Blanc was picked between 14 March and 5 April followed by all the other varietals."�

In Franshoek temperatures were high but that was good news to Grand Provence.
"�The usual high temperatures that we expect in February came around three weeks earlier and had little effect on the fruit quality as much of it was still green and hard. This allowed us to produce white wines with exquisite aromatic potential and red wines with deep colour and velvet-soft tannins - indeed a superlative year."�

In Elgin the sentiments were similar.
"�The scorching heat wave in January meant some of the younger vineyards suffered a degree of sunburn, as did the young apple trees. However the winemakers seem ecstatic with the quality of the Pinot Noir grapes received into their cellars,"� says Paul Wallace.

SAWIS 2013 Harvest report on the crop also reflects that 2013 is going to be good.
"�This year had also been characterised by smaller berries which had a negative effect on the yield but then again a positive effect on quality. Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, Chenin Blanc, Merlot and Shiraz produced average to above-average crops. The rapid véraison of cultivars within a specific bunch and during the interval between cultivars especially stood out this year. "

This is excellent news. It means you can clear a bit in you cellar for next years harvest. So drink those wines you always nurturing for a later date and don't forget to go and rate then on Rate This Wines

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