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2013 Pinot Noir Vintage is the best

Published on 28 August 2014

Pinot Noir Tasting
28 Aug 2014

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Pinot Noir Times have added 4 new wines to the rating list and in this review 2 of them were tasted. Peter Falke and Bosman Wines - De Bos, both 2012 vintages, were the bottles opened for the pinot noir tasting.

The wines were served at 14C and were opened 2 hours prior to the tasting.

The Peter Falke had a promising nose of forest floor with a hint of berry. The colour was dark burgundy although very clear. The taste was very smooth and promised a pleasant tasting but lacked direction that could be described to the relative young age of the wine. The second glass however was a disappointment as the wine, instead of expanding, the taste acquired an after taste unusual for pinot noir and the term that came to mind was confected. This put a lid on the initial enthusiasm for the wine. The group was not convinced that it is a buy.

The winery of Peter Falke is nestled against the slopes of the Helderberg mountains in the heart of the Stellenbosch wine lands on the Groenvlei Farm.

The De Bos had a light color and very shy nose. The first taste was of an extreme high acidity as if the bottle was just opened. The wine however had a fine structure that indicated that it would mature well. The second glass tasted far less acidic and the taste of berry was solid with an after taste of nuts. It is a buy.

De Bos Handpicked Vineyards is a new range of wines created by the Bosman family. The name "De Bos"� is the name of the Walker Bay Vineyards owned by the Bosman family and the Adama Appollo Workers Trust.

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