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2013 Pinot Noir Vintage is the best

Published on 28 August 2014

Pinot Noir Times tastes wine from Best Pinot Noir in the world winery
28 Aug 2014

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Mission Hill Family Estate has won "World's Best Pinot Noir" in the under £15 category at the 2013 Decanter World Wine Awards, considered the world's leading international competition. Pinot Noir Times had the opportunity to taste a pinot noir from this winery.

For the 2013 Decanter World Wine Awards more than 14,000 wines from 61 regions around the world entered this year's competition. Mission Hill 2011 Martin's Lane Pinot Noir won the International Trophy - the competition's top award - and the Regional Trophy for "Best Wine." It's the first time a single wine variety (red or white) from any region in the world has won both competitions. Of course this wine is now sold out.

The wine tasted was the Mission Hill Reserve pinot noir 2011 and was brought from Canada by a cousin. The limited quantity wines are produced from select vineyard properties and showcase the distinctiveness of the Okanagan Valley in Canada. The wines marry New World style with Old World finesse, and are aged selectively in French and American oak.

Not sure what the effect of travel was on the wine but it unfortunately did not live up to expectations. The wine had a deep dark burgundy colour and the nose was a bit on the shy side but nevertheless held much promise. The wine tasted, like the German and New Zeeland pinot's, sweet bu,t it was its lack of broadness, that was surprising. The taste was plum rather than berry and the possible disappointment was the lack of an after taste to indicate how the wine would mature over time. At the price of $25 a bottle the South African wines in that price bracket is simply superior.

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