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FIFA Barometer 1 - Orange Mini Dresses Raise the Temperatures
22 Jun 2010

FIFA fell for it - again. In 2006 FIFA forced Dutch spectators to watch a game in their underpants, because their orange lederhosen carried Bavaria insignia. This was published in the international press and caused FIFA great harm. Bavaria caught them again - but FIFA was not consistent - they did not ask the women to undress - they went a step further.
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FIFA Barometer - The FIFA Circus rolls into Town with 56 dedicated courts in tow
26 May 2010

The Barometer is heating up as the FIFA Circus has arrived and with it is a first for South Africa- a night court. This means only one thing - FIFA foresees arrests and thousands of them! So, have you arrest pack ready.
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Fewer reservations than without World Cup claims Kruger Park
26 May 2010

Disappointed by bookings for the World Cup, South Africa's tourism industry says benefits could accrue for years from the publicity around the world's most-watched sporting event.
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South Africa Ranks High in Press Freedom
04 May 2010

Monday 3 May was the commemoration of World Press Freedom day. South Africa fares exceptionally well in comparison with other democracies. Julius Malema's international itinerary in relation to the index also makes for interesting reading.
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FIFA Barometer - Blatter Receives Order of Merit while ISS Slams World Cup Corruption
04 May 2010

Sep Blatter was one of the 36 local and international achievers to be given National Orders by President Jacob Zuma on 27 April, Freedom Day in South Africa. He sure must have his fans in South Africa, which is not that strange taking into account the following report by the ISS (Institute for Security Studies).
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FIFA Barometer - More SA Artists in Opening Concert.
21 Apr 2010

More South African artists included in World Cup opening. Kulula and others are still 1-0 down. Match tickets now over the counter.
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FIFA barometer - the High Ideals and the Inevitable Reality
07 Apr 2010

Prospects for the Fifa World Cup 2010 vary between the high ideals of optimists, including overseas experts, and the inevitable reality as seen through South African eyes...
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