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FIFA Barometer: FIFA 1; Kulula 0
25 Mar 2010

Shame on you, Kulula. You have betrayed South African brands by folding...
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New Consumer Act Will Impact on You - Yes You!
24 Mar 2010

From 29 April this year the Consumer Protection Bill will be in force - and it is a comprehensive piece of legislation aimed at protecting consumers.
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FIFA Barometer - We Delivered the Best, But How Did the World Respond?
10 Mar 2010

South Africa is ready to host the FIFA 2010 World Cup final in June and July. But is the world ready and willing to attend this event?
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ASA Issues Another Unconstitutional Ban - this time on SEXPO
23 Feb 2010

Previously GUARDA reported on the unconstitutional ban on MTN. ASA (Advertising Standards Authority)has recently repeated this type of ban, but this time it affects another apparent serial offender, SEXPO.
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FIFA Fever Calls for a Barometer
23 Feb 2010

FIFA fever (FIFAF) grips everybody, government as well, and it is prudent to measure the fever levels as there are hot news and then cold news which cause FIFAF to fluctuate all the time.
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ASA's Ruling on MTN Is Possibly Unconstitutional
18 Jan 2010

In a ruling on 4 January 2010 the ASA ruled that MTN should submit all its advertising, irrespective of whether or not any reference is made to "Bafana Bafana"�, to the ASA Advisory Service for pre-clearance. This ruling infringes the right to commercial free speech and is unconstitutional.
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Bribery in the Advertising Industry
14 Aug 2009

"Everybody knows the dice is loaded, Everybody knows the good guys lost"
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