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Media Rights

The Legal Liabilities In Advertising
10 May 2011

Liability of a company or the personal liability of its members and employees is the scion of many people and is something one should be very careful about. However there are also a lot of false perceptions out there and basic knowledge of certain principles should bring some comfort to most people.
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Online gambling advertisements
31 Aug 2010

The High Court recently ruled in essence that online gambling by an online casino within the borders of South Africa require licensing in terms of the South African legislation. What does this entail for media owners that carry advertisements from online casinos?
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Online Is Stalking Print - Slowly, but Surely
01 Sep 2010

ABC figures aside, print newspapers are feeling the pinch. The web is fast becoming the reading place for news. Print is caught in a generation gap it cannot bridge. It has an older readership that out of custom buys the newspaper every day.
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Final FIFA Barometer - Winners and losers
21 Jul 2010

The Soccer World Cup is about FIFA and FIFA alone. That is the marketing message of the South African World Cup 2010. FIFA wooed big money and bullied little guys to make 2010 and subsequent world cups their own domain.
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Online Measurement vs ABC vs SAARF
26 May 2010

Nielsen As online media progresses as a media alternative, the question is how will advertisers compare apples with apples - instead of the current situation where apples are compared with pears - to ultimately decide which media to use and most importantly how much to spend on online versus other media.
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Five Reasons Why Top TV Will Survive
04 May 2010

DStv's ill-timed response to the launch of TOP TV has boomeranged on them and has propelled the launch of TOP TV to the front pages of print media nation-wide.
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Online Unique Users Burst through 10 Million Mark
21 Apr 2010

The OPA (Online Publishing Association) recently announced that the unique internet users in South Africa went through the 10 million mark in the last quarter of 2009. How does that compare with other media? And where is the ad spend?
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