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Media Rights

The Raping of Desperate Housewives
07 Apr 2010

When the third ad break arrived at 8:49 I had enough and, instead of watching the content, I watched the clock. The result was rather shocking.
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MWEB Uncapped Broadband Claim - Fact or Fiction?
25 Mar 2010

MWEB announced last week that it offers uncapped broadband to subscribers. Financially, it's not really true, but for promoting the idea of uncapped data, it has value...
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Airbrushing a Personality or a Product is a No No
23 Feb 2010

Don't ever try to get too clever when polishing the marble of a person or product. It may just boomerang on you...
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Online Media - Where Are Your Sales People?
13 Jan 2010

All the trend forecasters (which is nearly everyone with a pc) predicts 2010 as the year for online media to come of age. This is wishful thinking as online media currently lacks the most important ingredient of media - namely sales people.
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Is Newspaper Print Dead?
14 Aug 2009

Keyboards have already written the obituary of print and sung the praise of digital. Are these acclamations too soon or is there kick left in the South African newspaper print industry?
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Media owners, mediaplanners and media agencies
28 Jun 2009

This is the space for you
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