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ASA rulings

April's Relevant ASA Rulings
06 May 2011

Yogofun not a yoghurt - Garnier claim is good - Fishaway animation is fine - Trellidor not strongest
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What Is in a Name? More than You Think
01 Sep 2010

Business people ponder for days on end on an appropriate - and striking - name for their businesses. Unfortunately, they confuse two important concepts in the process: what is a trademark and the marketability of a name. This confusion often causes severe pain. Ask Business Connexion about this.
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Demon Says
21 Apr 2010

Why are ads, targeting Afrikaans speakers appearing in English? This seems to me the most stupid thing to do. The examples are Sake met Summit and Ads 24.
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Is Pres Zuma the Only Legal Polygamist?
07 Apr 2010

Nando's is flighting a provocative advertising campaign that could be seen as referring to Pres Jacob Zuma by advertising a meal for South Africans with several wives...
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Size Does Count in the Ditsy Doris Boerewors Ad
07 Apr 2010

Roman's Pizza commercials are not la-di-dah, but they certainly cut through the clutter and get noticed...
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Angel Says: Accolades if not Chocolates to 'Met Ys'
24 Mar 2010

Accolades to the creative guys behind the Checkers ad - "don't change your lifestyle, change your supermarket"�...
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Demon Says: Red Card to Game for Old Hat
24 Mar 2010

The theme of taking viewers on a trip down memory lane with a branded product is anything but original...
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