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ASA rulings

Ke Nako! It's Time!
10 Mar 2010

Certainly one of the best ads for the FIFA World Cup 2010 is the striking Spectacle on the Bay by Tractor Outdoor Eastern Cape, the largest building wrap in Port Elizabeth...
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Does your ad infringe the FIFA legislation?
13 Jan 2010

FIFA is on guard 24/7 to fill its coffers from ambush infringements.
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Ayoba - That's How It Should be Done!
13 Jan 2010

Ayoba creates a vibe around the FIFA Soccer World Cup where the excitement of the event is tangible in the campaign, to such an extent that a FIFA skeptic like me feels a little bit moved.
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The Tooth Fairy Ad on TV
14 Jan 2010

The ad annoys, it's too long and it has no appeal whatsoever...
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Demon Says ... Angel says
12 Aug 2009

Please ban these and give a silver star to those
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The prima donna's of the industry
28 Jun 2009

Reputations are build around creatives.
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