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Free Speech

Free Speech Express
06 May 2011

Free Speech Express (FSE) is a newly formed NGO to promote Free Speech issues, which will include commercial free speech. This should be the most supported NGO for the advertising industry because our revenue stream is a constitutionally protected right
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A huge dilemma regarding free speech is looming
26 May 2010

On the one hand the court says a cartoon depicting the prophet Mohammed is OK and on the other hand ASA says a billboard with a Bible text contravenes the ASA code, because it insults the atheists.
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Kulula rapped over the knuckles by ASA
21 Apr 2010

In an e-mail campaign Kulula offers "sale seats up for grabs"�. The ASA ruled on 8 April 2010 that this advertisement is misleading, should be withdrawn and should not be used again.
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Some Fuddy-duddies Really Have Nothing to Do
10 Mar 2010

There are many nosy parkers about who have nothing to do, so to pass the time they lay a complaint at ASA about some ad somewhere that gripes them...
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Yes we have that as well
28 Jun 2009

People like to form associations
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