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Chutney Chicken Dish
06 Dec 2013

Easy - in oven
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Easy Fishcakes
15 Nov 2013

Takes about half an hour
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Beef Cubes on Brown Rice
25 Oct 2013

This needs to be marinated overnight
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Cheese Mince Casserole
04 Oct 2013

Done on the stove top and in the oven this casserole is ready for serving six people in less than an hour.
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Herbed Chicken
20 Sep 2013

Using the stove top and microwave, this dish can be prepared in 45 minutes.
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Hake Casserole
06 Sep 2013

Easy- for those really busy nights, where you have to do everything! Simmer on stove-top for +/- 30 min
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Bacon Spud
19 Aug 2013

Stove top - tasty and quick
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