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Adam, Eve and the Venison Ribs
25 Oct 2013

Never underestimate a woman. She has excellent taste - why else would she have carefully selected you as a husband?- and she has a lot of respect for ribs, in fact all kinds of ribs.
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Roast Boneless Sirloin at High Temperature
04 Oct 2013

This is for the chef who prefers it plain and simple. The only ingredients are 1 to 2 tablespoons olive oil, 1 boneless venison sirloin, rolled to round, 3 to 6 cm thick, which can serve four to eight people,
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The Sugar Schnitzel
06 Sep 2013

The spice advert of brown sugar mixed with braai spices for steak made me think that it will work equally for game. The concept was then adapted for a schnitzel
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Venison strips in soy
19 Aug 2013

The territorial colonization may be over but the food colonization is in full swing. How old were we when we first ate a pizza. Today biltong pizza if generally found on restaurant menus. Since the arrival of sushi of course, we are exposed to soy sauce. It did not take long for soy sauce venison recipes to be seen.
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Game Scotch fillet with coriander
12 Aug 2013

The smell of coriander is associated with the curing of meat. Especially the making of bitlong and dry wors. Scorching coriander in a pan and then in grinding in a mortar makes the whole house smell afterwards. It then formally announces winter because eating biltong is not in the far distant. Scorched coriander is also a nice spice for game but you should not be ashamed to use the coriander.
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Smoothie Recipe
02 Sep 2011

Smoothies are a good way to get healthy foods in your diet.
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Go for a Ramp on this Kudu Rump
27 May 2011

We were sitting around the campfire discussing the future of African wildlife, at this point we were interrupted by the aroma of a kudu rump placed before us
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