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King Solomon and the Showman
The Search for Africa's Lost City
Adam Cruise

12 Oct 2016

The lost city of southern Africa and its untold riches fascinated the Romans, European explorers and writers such as Rider Haggard, Alan Paton, Wilbur Smith and Lawrence Green. Even the apartheid government searched for it in vain. Adam Cruise sets out on a quest across the Kalahari to find the mythical city that inspired "King Solomon's Mines"�, and the Great Farini, the daredevil showman of the Victorian age at the heart of the legend. On the way, Cruise runs into lions and snakes, battles savage desert conditions, and ends up somewhere more extraordinary than the Fabled City.
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Losing the Plot
Crime, Reality and Fiction in Postapartheid Writing
Leon de Kock

12 Oct 2016

"De Kock has a strong story to tell about writing in the postapartheid era and, more especially, the "post-postapartheid" era, the period in which the high expectations of 1994 and the golden era of the Mandela presidency turned sour. It is detailed, lively, and full of sharp observation." Derek Attridge, professor of English, University of York and co-editor of the Cambridge History of South African Literature
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Hidden Johannesburg - Paul Duncan and Alain Proust
12 Oct 2016

Johannesburg: Egoli to some, Jozi to others. Once a mining town, now the most important commercial city in Africa. It's been home to renegades and rogues, colonialists and capitalists, the dispossessed and the newly enriched. Today it's populated by those who call themselves Africans or Afrikaners, by blacks, whites and every shade inbetween, and by immigrants from all over. 
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Ek! Ek! Ek! - Herken en hanteer narsiste
Riëtte Rust

28 Sep 2016

AGTERGROND: Hy is aantreklik, sjarmant en intelligent. Hy dra jou op die hande en julle hang aan mekaar se lippe. Maar dan begin dinge verander. Hy vereis voltyds aandag, goedkeuring en bewondering. Vir jou gevoelens en behoeftes voel hy vere. Trouens, hy beheer jou ten volle. Hy het selfs jou drome by die venster uitgegooi. Niks is ooit sy skuld nie en hy sê ook nie hy is jammer nie. Waag jy dit om hom teen te gaan, of te kritiseer, gooi hy "n woedebui wat "n tweejarige sal laat skaamkry.
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Say Again?
The Other Side of South African English
Jean Branford & Malcolm Venter

15 Sep 2016

Besides recognisable characteristics of South African English, such as"Vrystaat", "ou boet" / "ou swaer", "eksê" or 'nogal", speakers of South African English give clear indications - even if their accent is not marked - of their being South African. Many of our South African English structures have unexpected meanings or usages which are not found in General English. South Africans are also, like their counterparts elsewhere, linguistically creative, and have coined many new English words and phrases. You may readily recognise some of these items, but there will be others which you will be surprised to learn are unique to South Africa.
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Tao Te Ching - Boek van die Weg
Abel Pienaar

31 Aug 2016

AGTERGROND: Hierdie wysheidsteks is naas die Bybel die mees vertaalde geskrif ooit. Die 81 kort Chinese spreuke is reeds 500 jaar v.C. geskryf en het sedertdien die Oosterse denke ingrypend beïnvloed. Lao Tzu word beskou as die skrywer van die Tao Te Ching. In sy diepste wese is die Tao Te Ching 'n simboliese teks met veelvlakkige betekenislae. Elkeen kan daarin 'n eie rigting vind en kontak maak met 'n eie innerlike wysheid. Want in Taoïsme gaan dit veral oor hoe om 'n diep, betekenisvolle en etiese lewe te leef.
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A Necklace of Springbok Ears
/Xam Orality and South African Literature
Helize van Vuuren

11 Aug 2016

Where once there were twenty-nine San Bushman languages and/or dialects in Southern Africa, few now remain. The loss of these languages results in the loss of their stored oral culture and indigenous knowledge. All that remains are archaeological evidence and rock art, or slim archives recorded by individuals, such as Wilhelm Bleek, Lucy Lloyd and GR von Wielligh, who heard the encroaching language and cultural death knell before it was too late.
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