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Make or Break
How the next Three Years will Shape South Africa's next Three Decades
Richard Calland

12 Oct 2016

The next three years will determine whether South Africa succeeds or fails in the long term.

"¢ Jacob Zuma's term as president is due to end in 2019, though he could go earlier. Who will succeed him and what will the impact be on policy?
"¢ The ANC's dominance has been significantly dented after opposition parties gained ground in the 2016 local government elections, but will the minority and coalition governments in key cities hold or fall apart?

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The Inside Story of SARS's Elite Crime-Busting Unit
Johann van Loggerenberg with Adrian Lackay

12 Oct 2016

Two brave civil servants blow the whistle.

The story of a SARS "rogue unit" became entrenched in the public mind following a succession of sensational reports of illegal spook operations published by the Sunday Times. The unit, the reports claimed, had spied on President Jacob Zuma, ran a brothel and entered into illegal tax settlements.
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Mmusi Maimane
Prophet or Puppet?
S"Thembiso Msomi

11 Aug 2016

"Mr Maimane, good evening to you and, with the greatest of respect, who are you?"�

This is how journalist Jeremy Maggs began his television interview with Mmusi Maimane in 2011 when he was unveiled as the Democratic Alliance's mayoral candidate for Johannesburg. Since then, the charismatic Maimane's rise from obscurity to leader of the DA in 2015 has been nothing short of meteoric.
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The Sword and the Pen
Six Decades on the Political Frontier
Allister Sparks

13 Apr 2016

Allister Sparks joined his first newspaper at the age of 17 and was pitched headlong into the vortex of South Africa's stormy politics. "The Sword and the Pen"� is the story of how as a journalist he observed, chronicled and participated in his country's unfolding drama for more than 66 years, covering events from the premiership of DF Malan to the presidency of Jacob Zuma, witnessing at close range the rise and fall of apartheid and the rise and crisis of the new South Africa.
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God, Spies and Lies
Finding South Africa's Future through its Past
John Matisonn

13 Jan 2016

"For a couple of months in the near perfect summer of 1990/1991, Jacob Zuma came to stay in my house in Norwood, Johannesburg... Twenty five years later, my former house guest has all but morally bankrupted Nelson Mandela's ruling African National Congress. President Zuma's vision-free leadership, corrupt personal behaviour and attempts to use his political power to distort the judicial system render him no better than Italy's corrupt bunga-bunga partying ex-prime minister, Sylvio Berlusconi."�
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Ragged Glory
The Rainbow Nation in Black and White
Ray Hartley

15 Oct 2014

South Africa has been a free nation for 20 years.

This is the story of how three men - Nelson Mandela, Thabo Mbeki and Jacob Zuma - tried to shape its destiny in very different ways.

Mandela helped usher in a new democracy with the formulation of one of the best constitutions in the world. But his leadership was not without its flaws as, under his watch, the first seeds of corruption were sown by the predatory elite.
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Dare We Hope?
Facing Our Past to Find a new Future
Pumla Gobodo-Madikizela

10 Sep 2014

Author of "A Human Being Died that Night"�

"It is a gruesome tale - how we have moved so rapidly from the era of hope to the bleak landscape ushered in by Zuma's ascent to power ...'

Yet Pumla Gobodo-Madikizela, acclaimed author and international expert on reconciliation, wants to rekindle our hope.
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