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Pinot Noir Tasting
28 Aug 2014

Pinot Noir Times have added 4 new wines to the rating list and in this review 2 of them were tasted. Peter Falke and Bosman Wines - De Bos, both 2012 vintages, were the bottles opened for the pinot noir tasting.
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Vineyard Hotel Pinot Noir Festival
10 Apr 2014

This weekend is the Vineyard Hotel's pinot noir Festival with over 18 different exhibitors showcasing their pinot noirs. Come and see what all the fuss is about and enjoy the hotel's lush gardens, mellow music and delightful canapés, while sampling the most elegant Pinot Noirs that South Africa has to offer.
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Wine tasting - German Pinot Noir
10 Apr 2014

Pinot Noir Times recently had the opportunity to taste some German Pinot Noir's known as Spätburgunder. Germany is currently the third larges producers of pinot noir in the world but it is nearly all consumed inside Germany. In some of the wines there was a correlation with some of the South African pinot noirs.
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First Tasting of 2014
21 Feb 2014

Pinot Noir Times had its first wine tasting of pinot noir wines in 2014. A good mix of 5 different wines was put forward to the group and the result was mixed. Catherine Marshall, Radford Dale, Ataraxia, Paul Cluver and First Sighting were on show.
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Game Scotch fillet with coriander and pinot noir
21 Feb 2014

The smell of coriander is associated with the curing of meat. Especially the making of biltong and dry wors. Scorching coriander in a pan and then grinding it a mortar makes the whole house smell afterwards. Add to that a glass of South African Pinot noir and it is a winner.
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This month tastings
15 Nov 2013

This month Pinot Noir Times tasted 8 wines at a tasting of a diverse variety of South African pinot noirs of different vintages. The tasting was not blind as the purpose was not a comparison but rather a sampling of the different wines. The wines were from Iona, De Grendel, Glen Carlou, Danie De Wet, Wine of Good Hope, Claime d"Or , Groote Post and Paul Cluver.
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This Month's Tasting
15 Oct 2013

This month's pinot noir tasting is four wines from different South African estates that tasted significantly different. The wines tasted were Ernst Gouws & Co Pinot Noir 2008, Grand Provence Pinot Noir 2010, Kleine Zalze Pinot Noir 2011 and Mr P 2012 of Iona estate.
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